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Landscaping is a truly unique area of service. This is where art and science really blend together, probably the most of any other sector of maintaining outside property.

From an artistic point of view, you need to know what plants will look good where, and from a scientific aspect, if it will be able to thrive in their prospective spot in the landscape bed. For instance, if a shrub requires a lot of sun, it will not do well under a large tree.

While many people have a picture in their head of what they would wish their landscape to look like, the guidance and installation of a professional team can give a vastly superior result. Among the professionals in the area of Comstock Park, there exists none that are more knowledgeable than Alternative Lawn Care. A well-arranged landscape can really boost the value of your property, so one of the main keys to success is thorough planning before any work is actually done. There is nothing that our team cannot do in the world of landscaping.

Our Landscaping Services

Our services cover everything relating to the plant life, to all of the hardscaping. If you have never used our lawn care or lawn maintenance services before, and your grass is in terrible shape, you will be happy to hear that our company does full lawn renovations.

Our Landscaping Services Include:

  • Hydroseeding

Performed to achieve very fast germination results. If it is necessary, the whole yard can be

  • Sodd
  • Tree Removal

Do you have a large tree on your property that has been irreparably attacked by pests or disease? Alternative Lawn Care can remove a dying or dead tree.

  • Stump Grinding

We grind the stump after a tree removal so no visible remnant of it is around.

  • Tree Installation
  • Shrub Installation
  • Landscape Bed

We provide both installation and maintenance of your landscape bedding. We will also hand pull any weeds before they can spread and become a problem.

  • Ornamental Flowers & Shrubs
  • Mulch

Our crew members will know what mulch to use for the different species of plants contained in your beds. Using the right mulch is a critical part of the long-term health of your

  • Hardscaping

From simple designs to the most complex, we can build you an attractive design that will turn the heads of your guests, neighbors, and any future prospective buyer.

  • Retaining Walls

We provide both the installation or the remodeling or retaining walls.

  • Patios
  • Rock & Boulder Walls
  • Bobcat Services

If your ground is not naturally arranged for something that you desire in your landscape, you will be happy to know that our expertise extends to Bobcat work. If a considerable amount of soil will need to be moved, or a section needs to be leveled out in order to make the ground able to handle a slab of cement, our landscaping crew are the foremost experts around this area.

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Experienced Landscaping Professionals

Alternative Lawn Care has not been around for over a quarter of a century, and grown exponentially, because we only provide average work. You can trust that after the creation of your landscape is finished, you will be nothing less than completely satisfied. That is backed by a guarantee to fix any error at no additional cost. Happily serving the Comstock Park area, we would love to establish a long term partnership with you. Please call us today.

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